Associate Counsel

Hermann Luitingh, B. Proc., N.C.A.


Hermann is a lawyer with a large client base, believes in personal interaction, and making a difference. Success through cooperation is his motto.

Practice Areas and Experience

Hermann practices in both civil and family litigation, as both fields are frequently overlapping. He also does transactional work, such as contracts, again both in the broader civil and family jurisdictions. As an example, Hermann has been known to clients as having drafted their wills and marriage agreements, and also dealing with their business contracts and protecting them from harm by proceeding in court against adversaries such as tortfeasors or breachors of contract. Hermann has developed a formidable group of experts whom he works with, such as chartered professional accountants, realtors and professional engineers (construction and lien litigation). Hermann has been assisting foreign businesses and foreign individuals to legally establish business ventures in British Columbia. Hermann also has experience working with foreign counsel on cross border matters where assets of a deceased are found in multiple countries. He also has experience in successfully resisting letters rogatory.  Finally, Hermann is very well versed in franchise work and construction transactional work and litigation, especially in the field of property development and trades. In the past, Hermann led real property development projects from start (purchase of land) to finish (stratification and presales). He also assists with cross – border mergers and acquisitions into the United States and other offshore jurisdictions.

Personal Activities and Community Involvement

Hermann currently serves as the chair of the board of directors of the British Canadian Business Association, an organisation dedicated to providing businesses and individuals in both the United Kingdom and Canada with expertise and prestigious networking opportunities.

Education and Certifications

Hermann was previously called to the Law Society of the Northern Provinces of South Africa, and to the Manitoba Bar. He is currently a member of the British Columbia Bar, and has been practicing in British Columbia since 2004.