Our litigation lawyers are experienced in a vast array of litigation matters and have appeared in all levels of court in Vancouver and British Columbia, as well as many administrative tribunals. Most of our litigation matters are commercial in nature, involving business and contract disputes, commercial fraud, construction issues, misrepresentation, investment losses, or employment matters; however we regularly represent clients in matters of a personal nature, ranging real estate, divorce, separation agreement, human rights issues, defamation, privacy matters, estate disputes, and various administrative matters in which an individual wishes to challenge a decision by a government or administrative body internally or through judicial review. A large portion of our litigation practice deals specifically with municipal law, involving conflict and litigation with local government.

When litigation is not fully resolved at the Supreme or Provincial Court levels and one party wishes to appeal, our lawyers are experienced in appealing these decisions to the Court of Appeal or Supreme Court.

Often, and where the client so desires, we are able to negotiate settlements to complex matters, or proceed to a resolution through mediation or arbitration, rather than through the court process.

Our litigation team prides itself on working with our clients to develop a practical, cost-effective litigation strategy to help them achieve their goals and resolve their disputes.