Associate Counsel

Hermann Luitingh, B. Proc., N.C.A.

Hermann Luitingh has practiced law in Canada and internationally for over 13 years and is a member of three law societies. He has experience in complex business trials, structured settlements and commercial transactions. He served as provincial chair for the Administrative Law section of the Canadian Bar Association, and served as a member of the Canadian Bar Association Law Reform Committee for British Columbia. With his lengthy experience not only as solicitor/attorney but also as trial lawyer, he is equally comfortable assisting clients with strategic planning as he is with conducting remedial action and court applications. He has an ongoing international client base assisting with cross-border transactions, drafting and registering products and services for import into Canada. Hermann has extensive experience in immigration law including dealing with visa offices on foreign soil and dealing with the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, as well as the Canada Border Services Agency Hearings and Appeals Unit.

Hermann Luitingh was called to the Bar: 1998 South Africa, 2004 Manitoba, and 2004 British Columbia